Fellow vegan activists, this one is for you. Have you recognized these behaviors in nonvegans when they realize you’re a vegan?

- Refusing to try vegan food, or restaurants, go to vegan events, meet at vegans homes, specifically only choosing nonvegan places to meet when gathering

- Lying or manipulation of facts, such as claiming the earth would use more resources if everyone went plant based

- Excuse-making, such as “i could never eat vegan food” even if you have seen them happily consume unmarked non-vegan food

- Being two-faced, such as pretending to support animal rights while still consuming…

When you talk to most people who eat animals, they will tell you they love animals, and in fact may even deeply materially care for specific animals. Others make no pretense to care about the animals, but most people when seeing an animal in real life will feel an emphatic bond and feel traumatized from seeing that animal come to harm or the image of a dead or harmed animal. The website, does the dog die shows that so many people find the idea of even fictionally harmed animals appalling and upsetting.

Most people, when asked, “do you believe animals…

I want you to think about Manifest Destiny for a second. The idea that a whole continent is filled with new resources, foods, plants, discoveries just waiting for you, the European settler, to grasp out and take it. All you have to do is sail a terrifying weeks long journey to this new place and start taking all the free stuff for you there.

The problem:


The land was already occupied by a number of civilizations. So what did these rich colonizers do instead? Well, they simply created an explanation for why they HAD to take over the care of…

When most people think of veganism, they think of white hands holding a bundle of kale. Why is this?

Looking at a gallup poll, white people are actually lagging far behind people of color when it comes to abstaining from animal products. Only 3% of white Americans call themselves vegetarian compared to nonwhite at 9%.

Looking at another survey, we see another surprising statistic. There were twice as many vegans making less than 30k than making 75k or higher.

So given these two facts — that vegans are largely nonwhite and making less than 30,000 a year, why is our…

That Better Be Vegan

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